Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Road Warrior Princess

It's just how she rolls! Angie can turn a ten minute drive into work into an experience. Case in point, last week our fearless leader was headed into the office when she saw a woman running with a small entourage in downtown Beaumont. Angie, being the curious gal she is, stopped to find out what was going on. Five minutes later, she was taking pictures with a fellow cancer survivor and very inspirational woman!!

The woman is Helene Neville, a nurse & cancer survivor (and new fan of YaYa), running from California to Florida in under 100 days! Her journey is entitled "One on the Run". I don't even like to run 2 miles so the fact that she is (a) running 2520 miles (b) in 100 days, (c) a cancer survivor and (d) 50 years old, inspires the heck out of me!!! Oh, and did I mention this is all to promote healthy living for OTHERS! If she's jogging around the country I guess the least we can do is go for a jog around the neighborhood! But first, check out her website http://oneontherun.com/

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