Friday, July 16, 2010

That's A Wrap!

If you want to look cool and do good then a MUST is the Humanity for All wrap bracelet! It comes in a ton of colors and we just started carrying the new Come Together bracelet (below) and vintage nailhead wraps! I got a basic white leather wrap in June and I kid you not I get stopped atleast once a day by young people, old people, at restuarants, etc. Plus I have now discovered it is a fantastic gift to give! Oh, and in the YaYa spirit 25% of the proceeds go to buy school supplies for homeless, how could you not want one...or two...or three!?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Road Warrior Princess

It's just how she rolls! Angie can turn a ten minute drive into work into an experience. Case in point, last week our fearless leader was headed into the office when she saw a woman running with a small entourage in downtown Beaumont. Angie, being the curious gal she is, stopped to find out what was going on. Five minutes later, she was taking pictures with a fellow cancer survivor and very inspirational woman!!

The woman is Helene Neville, a nurse & cancer survivor (and new fan of YaYa), running from California to Florida in under 100 days! Her journey is entitled "One on the Run". I don't even like to run 2 miles so the fact that she is (a) running 2520 miles (b) in 100 days, (c) a cancer survivor and (d) 50 years old, inspires the heck out of me!!! Oh, and did I mention this is all to promote healthy living for OTHERS! If she's jogging around the country I guess the least we can do is go for a jog around the neighborhood! But first, check out her website